mkmma 5th week

Write your own interview in the press! What a wonderful idea.
We will imagine in great detail how far we have come from now to our future.
How are we managed?
What kind of person have we become?

How to imagine better system to anchor in our subconscious as current, our future.
The same areas of our brain are activated when we think of a stranger or when we think of our future.

By this means we are fooling our subby.

For a long time you dictated my life, today I dictate to you how to work for my dreams come true.
I make my subconscious my « slave » and And I put my subconscious in my service. Lire la suite « mkmma 5th week »


mkmma 3rd week

What I have personally enjoyed this week is that we have been deepening the drafting of our DMP. I do not doubt that it will be more and more effective week after week.

Our subby can only accept our will.

We also learn different method to eliminate procrastination. I love the little blue squares and the red triangles.

All the training is in English, but for some reason when Mark speaks, my heart hears!

I realize that whatever you wish to sow in your head, always be vigilant that the ground is ready to welcome it.

Cut your toxic relationships, it’s not easy but necessary. Turn off your television, I’ve been doing it for 18 months and I’m doing very well. Throw away your music CDs and replace them with CDs that will enrich you on a personal level. Lire la suite « mkmma 3rd week »

mkmma 2nd week

I was looking forward to the second working session with davenne and marc j. they are great. This week we have perfected our learning on how to write a DMP by adding the PPM.

We have also improved our understanding of how to have a better positive mental imprint. But what I find incredible is that Marc began to teach us a new method to program his subconscious. yes the subconscious: the one that takes all the decisions of our life in less than 7 seconds.

I have good news and bad news for you. Lire la suite « mkmma 2nd week »

mkmma 1st week

I took the courses of mark j and davenne when they came in Paris this year.
I was subjugated by his teachings. Everything became clear and limpid on how to develop its organization in network marketing. But I missed something.
But the most important of my discoveries was not that one. I discovered that I could break the chains that keep me in the meadow of the cows. But I missed something.
But above all I realized that I have the right to think of myself, to live for myself, and no longer for or through the vision of someone else. What had guided my entire adult’s life.
When my sponsor asked me if I wanted to sign up for mkmma, I said yes without hesitation. I wanted to relive those liberating moments.
After the first week of mkmma I was able to make further progress. I remade my dmp. I started reading every day and I felt my energy increase tenfold.

I look forward to Sunday night in a hurry.